Enhanced Application Experience Through
Upversioning And Code Migration

migration challenge
  • They needed to refactor these applications to .NET Core 3.1 and deploy them as Docker containers on Azure
  • The app needed a fresh User experience which we provided through our “Big Picture First” design approach.
  • We had to Ensure compliance with healthcare regulations which was critical
  • The customer wanted to streamline and automate deployment for Azure environments.
Our Solution
  • We Implemented serverless using Azure API Gateway
  • We worked on the change management requests on the existing application and implemented improved and enhanced features
  • Introduced Single Sign-on with other applications
  • Introduced automated deployment via Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment
  • We provided a stable process of upversioning for future versions for the application
migration solution


Fully functional upversioned application on production with data migration and minimal downtime.

Technology Stacks:

efficiency netcore angular data helth