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The Need For

Technology has changed with no support for old frameworks; there are new features that need to be implemented that cannot be built into a legacy app, scalability issues, the legacy app is not cloud ready, or does not take advantage of cloud technologies.

In addition, there are no integration gateways, the user interface is old and does not match present standards, skills required for maintaining the legacy app are unavailable; and businesses evolve, and changes cannot be reflected due to legacy code limitations.

Outdated architecture, the heavy cost of maintenance compared to latest apps, lack of standardization and mismatch with other ecosystem products offered by vendors, and the need for radical improvements in accessibility that mobility has brought in, are also reasons for a clear need for modernization. Traditional development often based on tacit knowledge of homegrown architecture was making it person dependent.

What does modernization entail?

With the advent of cloud and related technologies, legacy applications not only need changes in platform but also a complete redesign of the framework to take advantage of cloud technologies. Modern apps are deployed in containers or various PaaS services provided cloud platforms.

Legacy apps modernization strategy using


  • ANZ and ABP.IO are cloud ready, Multi-tenant and SaaS enabled frameworks.
  • Provide a separation with business and framework code, so you can easily take advantage of new feature introduction through upversioning.
  • You can also easily upgrade your application with minimal changes in code and introduce these rapidly by employing CI/CD pipelines, to your business users.

Application Assessment

Hire Tech Team conducts a thorough assessment of your legacy apps. We analyse existing application characteristics and identify proven components that the customer wants to retain in the modernized application. This phase also involves analysing the existing legacy application and building an accurate understanding of your system. This analysis enables us to develop a business case around renewing existing applications.

We also consider the new features required in the modernized application and prepare a matrix consisting of following categories:

  • Multi-tenancy
  • Features achieved with some configuration
  • Custom coded features
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Framework Expertise
Business Requirements Analysis

Document business requirements from the legacy applications so they can be analysed and implemented for future use in the modernised application. Legacy apps modernization enables taking advantage of DevOps processes including continuous integration and continuous deployment. This modernization strategy also provides good ROI on earlier investments and substantial reduction in efforts and timeline apart from modernizing your software portfolio by introducing the latest technologies and tools available.

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Modern DevOps Team Services
Monolith to Micro-services

Your legacy apps monolith codebase can be distributed and deployed in a micro-services-enabled infrastructure for better maintainability and scalability. App modernization can create several opportunities for SaaS and enterprise businesses with their competitive landscape.

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Application Development

Add enhancements to your legacy applications’ functionality, which makes them easier to maintain and provide scalability to the application. Re-platform your legacy app and integrate with third-party software by building a modern infrastructure that allows – efficient data exchange between internal and external applications.

Redesign for Cloud

Legacy systems often can fail to perform as expected due to their older more complex structure. When modernizing your legacy system, we can start by looking at the architecture of the new application. We can consider a cloud native application with a microservices based architecture approach to make your application scalable. Implement the most important features first. Additionally, make sure the newly released application will work well with the rest of the tools used in your business by default.

Enhances your applications to run on newer technology stack, and more efficient cloud-based platforms which provide following benefits:

  • Server less Architecture
  • Better application security and compliance
  • Engaging and personalized user experience
  • Implement instrumentation and logging
  • Pay only for what resources you use and reduce your hardware costs
  • Employ DevOps in the form of built-in auto-scaling, CI/CD automated pipelines, Load balancing and failover, without too much configuration
  • Modern Scalable data storage and management including document management, BLOB Storage and key vault.

App Modernization Services

Hire Tech Team approach will modernize your application with a minimum disruption to the business and application users. Hire Tech Team employs various steps like containerization, refactoring etc. to make the cut-off to the new application as quick and seamless as possible.Our Team can be hired for adding new features and for modernising the UI and build enhancements. We work on Time and Material basis and provide you range of effort that is needed to build the application you have in mind. Hire Tech Team delivers solutions that enable for businesses to create and adopt new revenue-generating models in the cloud.

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Framework Expertise
Minimal disruption

App modernization helps revamp your operational model and paves the way for a smooth business operation with minimal disruptions.

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Modern DevOps Team Services
Improved scalability

As your business continues to grow, the need to expand the business capabilities will certainly be a requisite. Hence, it’s vital that your legacy app must be modernized to be flexible and scalable enough for new integrations and upgrades.

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Application Development
User-friendly application

Legacy applications are built on outdated technologies; hence the time taken to understand the application will be high compared to the modern-day apps. So, it’s critical to modernize your legacy app and make it more user-friendly.

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Application Development
Efficient integrations

Is your legacy application adaptable to the modern integrations? Re-platform your legacy app and integrate with third-party software by building a modern infrastructure that allows – efficient data exchange between internal and external applications.

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Application Development
Solve business problems

It wouldn’t be fair to expect your legacy app to solve the current-day business problems. Businesses have changed and so have the operational models that leverage the latest technology solutions to solve business problems. The outdated legacy infrastructure certainly needs a technology refreshment to meet the current market demands.

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