Mobile Apps with


  • ASP.NET Zero comes along mobile app using Xamarin forms. It is a Visual Studio solution and includes the complete source code of Xamarin forms. You could use this as the foundation for your next online or mobile app and build your business code on top of it.
  • We have seen customers using Grialkit for building on top of the Xamarin forms application that comes along with Asp.Net Zero. Grial provides a set of stunning XAML user interface views for Xamarin. Forms. These are built with developers in mind and cover the most common Mobile UI patterns.
  • Customers can develop mobile apps using different technologies like React Native or build a complete native app using Android-Java or iOS-Swift.

Technologies Used for Developing Mobile Apps

Our development team is experienced in developing mobile apps using the following technologies:

react native
xamarin apps

Xamarin Mobile App Development

  • For all mobile platforms, Xamarin requires only C#. Xamarin apps usually resemble native apps in terms of UX and design since they use native libraries wrapped in a .NET layer for cross-platform app development with Asp.Net zero API.
  • Xamarin. IOS or Xamarin. Android are the two platforms that make up the Xamarin app development platform. Both platforms contain automated assembly code processes and are well-suited to garbage collection, memory allocation, and platform compatibility.
  • Native applications are supposed to be taking use of hardware constraints, APIs, and other platform-centric improvements, but they aren't the only way to create mobile apps. Cross-platform development allows the production of apps that can run on a variety of operating systems without the need for separate and specialised development for each.

What is React Native & How is it used in Mobile App Development

  • The more user-friendly and engaging an app appears to be, the more work goes into making it seamless and easy to use. The reactjs framework is the finest option to use if you want to get started with native mobile app development.
  • Once you create a mobile app with React Native, you automatically create an app that works on both iOS and Android. Because when app's code is compiled, it's reduced to native Java and Swift code.
  • React Native bridges the gap between web and native UI components. This cross-platform compatibility of React Native is a plus. React Native is the answer if you want to create a platform-agnostic mobile app. To utilize all the features that React Native has to offer, we can also create React mobile app that talks with Asp NetZero Web API.
react native
IoT apps

Need For IoT And Multi Device
App Development

  • The power of connected devices/applications using robust cloud infrastructure, the key to building efficient real-time web interactions
  • The advantage of telemetry that provides findings/readings crucial to decision making
  • Easily built real-time web applications such as live monitoring dashboards and live chat


Mobile apps ASP.Net Zero and ABP Commercial platforms provide infrastructure for both Web ans well as mobile applications to form an integrated ecosystem wherein the native mobile app consumes API exposed by the Web application. Native mobile apps are built with Xamarin and React native. Below are the highlights of this approach.

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API Management Services

ASP.NET ZERO and ABP. IO provide API end- points for connected devices that can consume them, such as: Mobile app (Android/IOS), Desktop app, Raspberry app, Wearables

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ABP.IO provides an out of the box react app solution. This brings immense power to your web applications enabling them to communicate with these connected world devices

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Modern DevOps Team Services

A robust set of REST APIs can be consumed securely by these connected devices

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API Management Services

The framework provides inbuilt support for SignalR in order to process real time data

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ASP.NET ZERO and ABP.IO provide the infrastructure for creating Xamarin based cross platform mobile apps

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Modern DevOps Team Services

They provide consistent APIs for sending and receiving messages in real-time

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Time Series Insights Event Sources

ASP.NET ZERO has a built-in webhook system designed with pub/sub pattern


GraphQL is a query language and runtime for APIs . GraphQL makes it easy to evolve APIs over time, and is a single API face for different clients like mobile, desktop apps, tablets. ASP.NET Zero includes an implementation of GraphQL API and also a unit test project to work with it.

Advantages of using GraphQL

  • Provides a complete and understandable description of the data in your API
  • Gives clients the power to ask for exactly what they need
  • Makes it easier to evolve APIs over time
  • Enables powerful developer tools