Product Design and Development – SaaS and Enterprise

How we design code and build SaaS and Enterprise products

We partner with our customers to bring their product vision to life and to help them successfully take it to market. Our product design and development methodology employs all the best practices and a broad range of experience and expertise to ensure your success in the market.

Key considerations for SaaS and Enterprise applications

The intricacies of developing apps differ significantly depending on the end goal of what the organization wants to achieve from the apps.

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Involves a single instance of an application that serves multiple customers or tenants. With Multi-tenancy, the developers can create utilize maintain a common infrastructure and codebase to provide features across multiple tenants. It’s easier for the developers to maintain the application. However, security is a key concern because multiple tenants share the same application instance, but data isolation and security should be prime goal and risk of data loss and privacy issues should be addressed.
Our development frameworks (Asp.Net Zero and ABP.IO) and architecture provides in-built tenant management and data management modules to ensure that SaaS application enforces authentication, and authorization to provide access to sensitive information and API .. 
For SaaS applications the Public facing pages are very critical and require to be highly performant and SEO optimized. Asp.Net Zero and ABP.IO provide a public facing website that highlights the product/platform services and provides a gateway into the application portal via login.
For customers who require secure data isolation and handling of Tenant data, we use Azure SQL Elastic pool, as well as Azure BLOB storage and Key Vault.


The modern SaaS applications that we build for our customers , are cloud-hosted application and that should be scalable to handle the large user load, allow an unlimited number of users to access the application.

The database size keeps expanding with ever-increasing user transactions, and impact the database performance, leading to increased transaction time and poor performance. SaaS and enterprise applications, built on the latest technologies that we use (ASP.NET Core and Angular) and Azure infrastructures equipped with load-balanced servers, ensure that the backend data scales separately and efficiently.

We employ many approaches/tools and methodologies to improve the scalability of the SaaS and enterprise applications like:
  • Load Testing
  • Azure Load Testing service
  • JMeter based Load Testing
  • SQL Elastic pool for multi-tenant databases
  • CDN
  • Employing SQL Diagnostic tools
  • REDIS caching for improving User interface rendering and performance
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Security is a critical aspect of a SaaS application, primarily ensured by the SaaS application development company and the cloud infrastructure provider such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). Modern SaaS application architecture ensures your company’s data is segregated and accessible only to those individuals intended to access it.

We employ many approaches/tools and methodologies to improve the scalability of the SaaS and enterprise applications like:
  • Tenant based data isolation
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Provide Audit Logging
  • Log and show all login attempt for users.
  • Password complexity settings
  • Automatic Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) protection
  • The frameworks used already are VAPT compliant
  • The applications that we develop use Entity Framework as Data Access technology. And Entity Framework uses parameterized queries which prevents SQL injections by default.
  • The framework accelerators that we use have been scanned for vulnerabilities with the latest version of OWASP ZAP (v2.7.0). The OWASP Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP) is one of the world's most popular security tools and is actively maintained by hundreds of international volunteers.


The Enterprise and SaaS applications that we build can seamlessly integrate with other applications through APIs.

We ensure that the required APIs are available to enable integration with other SaaS or on-premises applications. The APIs visible to third-party developers allow them to extend the SaaS platform’s capabilities.

We can build aggregator platforms wherein the tenant can provide services to the parent platform.

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How We Build Digital Products For Customers

Hire Tech Team works with GraphQL in ASP.NET ZERO and ABP.IO for querying APIs. GraphQL is a query language for APIs and a runtime for fulfilling those queries with your existing data.

Customer Engagement Models
Customer Engagement Models for product development
  • UI First - Only Frontend development for applications that utilize available APIs but just require a modern frontend built using Angular
  • Backend First - Some customers only require API to be built and hooked into a frontend already built and existing
  • Full stack application with Mobile App creation Backend APIs as well as Frontend with Mobile app either Cross platform or Native Android and iOS
  • Migration of existing application to Modern Technical stackEnterprise companies on the path to digital transformation and app modernization engage with us to modernise their apps
Component Driven Development

Components are reusable, interchangeable building blocks of User interface elements. They encapsulate functionality and appearance of a user interface unit. With components, you build one single element at a time and then assemble these to form a larger reusable component. In our experience doing component driven development, we have found this approach significantly accelerates the development process, allows the team to work independently and allows us to consistently attain a higher level of product quality within shorter timelines.

As part of the CDD approach we provide a

  • Component library - Highly useful library for ready use of reusable components within your application.
  • Parallel development - Since teams work on one component at a time, it allows you to share tasks between different team members.
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DevOps Engineering
Automation with CI/CD pipelines

Our expert DevOps team handles all devops engineering activities like designing, setting, and implementing the CI/CD pipelines and the build and release cycles. We build load testing into the DevOps workflows as part of automated CI/CD to help catch and block performance regressions early in the development lifecycle. Also run the unit tests as part of the build and release cycle.

Load testing using Azure load testing service

We incorporate the Azure load testing service that enables developers and testers to generate high-scale load and run simulations that reveal actionable insights into app performance, scalability, and capacity.

Quality Assurance and Quality Engineering

We have served more than 50 customers worldwide with our End-to-end Quality Assurance for sustained and reliable quality of products / applications across the different industry type.

We have skilled QAs across various testing types like

  • Functional Testing with Browserstack
  • Automation Testing with Selenium
  • Performance Testing using JMeter
  • API testing
  • Test support services
  • Test Data and Test Environment Management
  • Usability Testing
  • Unit Integration and Regression Testing

Over 50% of our Quality engineers are experienced in one or more testing toolsets including Browserstack, JMeter, Azure SQL Load testing service etc.

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