IN TIME DESK – Productivity Insurance For Your Business

  • IN TIME is a productivity tracking tool that optimizes employee engagement helps discover time lapse, reinvent productivity.

  • This tool allows organizations to to analyse their work patters, track projects / tasks and manage their workload.

  • IN TIME runs as a SaaS application, on cloud / web and its agent applications run on client / users machine.

  • Tracks user activities on computer : applications used, site visited, captures screen snapshot.

  • See and compare productivity of workforce , spot efficient people and identity who is slacking.

  • IN TIME helps to minimise workplace distractions and achieve organisational goals.

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IN TIME Mobile

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IN TIME Fleet Web
IN TIME Fleet Mobile

IN TIME Fleet – Improve Employee Happiness, Productivity & Well-being

In Time Fleet operations, to continuously Identify ideas, improvements and cost saving opportunities. Our integrated hardware, cloud and app solutions deliver impactful bottom-line bussiness performance.
We provide robust, integrated and intelligent vehicle / asset tracking and monitoring system to deliver analytics and accurate information.


  • Real Time Vehicle Tracking

  • Efficient Route Optimization

  • Reduce Fleet Expenses

  • Automate Your Fleet Reports

  • Improve Vehicle Fuel Efficiency

  • Safety & Security

  • Paperless and accurate Billing

  • Driver Management

  • Alerts and Notifications

  • Graphical Dashboard

IN REACH – Playbooks For Business Processes

What is Playbook?

  • Playbook packages Documents, Video, Links, Forms, Quiz, Checklist and Emails.

  • Enables working with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and Videos in browsers.

  • A Playbook can be a reference, checklist, process, training, compliance or a repeatable task.

  • You can assign playbooks, monitor and track completion and help your people do the things right every time.

  • IN REACH Dashboard shows you how your people and processes are connected to accelerate your business.

  • IN REACH is built on top of SharePoint that enables integrations with your line of business applications.

  • Multiple collaborators can participate into a timeline based process. Participants can review and approve documents, merge documents and generate submittal packages through IN REACH.

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