Accelerated Solution Delivery And Improved Application Efficiency For An European Retail Company

Solution Challenges
  • Purchase ordering was very crucial for the customer since they were in retail business.
  • They were generating around 50,000 orders annually. They wanted an accurate and efficient purchase ordering process that can be built in a 4-month duration.
  • The process was complex, but it needed to be flexible at the same time.
  • The existing application Novell lacked standardization and best practices baked into the code.
  • The key objective of rewriting Novell was to introduce an application with a radically simplified and standardized approach and with a modern looking UI and user experience.
Our Solution
  • A major objective of this engagement was to support the introduction of a purchase ordering process that would meet the demand end-to-end and with lower costs.
  • We had the challenge of delivering a good looking, modern yet intuitive user experience, reducing the number of clicks that needed to complete the ordering process to deliver maximum benefits.
  • We maintained all the data and business rules required by the workflow. The workflow engine used the Elsa.Net workflow engine for automating the event-based workflow actions.
  • We worked with the customer in a completely dedicated design thinking and wireframing sprint to produce a revamped and modernized UI.
  • The new application maintained Azure Blob storage for documents management that allowed the customer to take advantage of the cloud platform. Application was deployed to Azure and scaled very well with the added user load.
Efficiency Solution


Technology Stacks:

Efficiency Asp Net Zero Efficiency Asp Net Core Efficiency Elsa