Hire an
Azure Engineer

Azure Engineer will conceptualize, design and deliver product/sustenance delivery through the team as per defined scope and standards in a particular technology.

Azure Engineer mobile

How does an Azure Engineer work?

  • Performs technical health checks in Azure prior to the broader deployments.

  • Creates technical documents, diagrams, how-to guides, and other deliverables

  • Manages and optimizes Azure Resources for controlling operating costs

  • Handles and troubleshoots incidents, problems affecting the operations and performance of customers' applications in production in Azure cloud.

  • Has good knowledge and experience with Docker, Kubernetes, Federation, Azure SQL Elastic pool etc.

  • Defines and documents processes and procedures related to deployment, migration, and general maintenance of Azure cloud

  • Conducts cloud security analysis on behalf of the customer, recommendations, and configurations

  • Supports proof of concept and production deployments on Azure

  • Is Azure certified

  • Monitors site stability, deployments, performance via event logging and metrics (experience with monitoring services like Azure Log Analytics or products like Splunk)

  • Implements cloud-specific security policies, API Gateways, Azure tenant management and configuration, Identify management and access control, Firewall management, Containerization and orchestration, Performance and monitoring, Security and event management, data protection, User, and Administrator account management, SSO, Azure BLOB Storage and Key vaults etc.