Quality Engineering & Assurance

The Hire Tech Team QA team creates Test Plan and writes test cases against the features implemented.

Quality as an enabler for Product Development

Hire Tech Team quality engineering and assurance function enables accelerated application development and delivery. it acts as an enabler to your digital transformation by combining testing DevOps, Security as an integral part of the development lifecycles rather than at a final stage.

final product

Final Product of the Test is twofold:

  • Production-ready software.

  • A set of stable test scripts which can be reused for Functional and UAT test execution.

Additional Test Parameters

  • Performance Testing

  • Load Testing

  • UI testing

  • Vulnerability Testing

following testing

Testing Tools Used

There are many variations of passages available but the majority have suffered alteration in some form.

Requirements Tracking Tool

Bug Tracking Tool

Automation Tools

Mobile Testing

UI Testing

Integrated with ASP.NET Zero

Azure Load testing Service

Immuniweb Vulnerability Testing

Azure Profiler and Diagnostic testing

Hire Tech Team's approach to quality assurance as part of CI/CD


A developer writes code for functionality and QA for automated tests.

Pull Request

Developer requests reviewer to check new part for a code which needs to be merged in a code repository

Automated tests execution

These tests check if new changes will break implemented functionalities. They comprise of:

  • Static Code Analysis: A code is checked by a special program (Lint, Sonar), which verifies if code standards set by development team are met.

  • Unit Tests: Automated tests which validate if each unit of software performs as per design.

  • UI Integration Tests: Automated tests which check integration of application components.

  • Virtual Device Testing:To identify crashes in Android applications. It simulates a real application user.

  • Code Review: Every piece of code written by a developer is approved at least by one other developer

  • Deployment:Latest alpha/beta release is delivered to client as well as testers.

  • Manual Tests: Manual testing of application based on specified use cases. In agile mode this process is iterative.