Framework Based Acceleration

Framework based Acceleration platforms such as ASP.NET Zero and ABP.IO enables to start your application development on a solid foundational feature to handle:

Authentication and Authorization

Logging and exception handling

SaaS features

Multi - tenancy

Micro - services based solution

Frameworks we used

Frameworks we use

These platforms act as a base solution for the application development and enables you to focus on business code for application building, saving time & effort. These frameworks also provide solutions based on a scalable and robust architecture for SaaS and enterprise applications.

Accelerate and automate product development with our experts

To achieve your product development goals, Hire Tech Team offers services with an unique DevOps team model. It provides an enhanced customer engagement model towards a successful product launch.

Built by and For Developers

The RAD tool available with ASP.NET and ABP.IO can be used by entry level developers for quick prototype to generate a front-end UI and Back-end REST API for CRUD operations on business entities for a customer demo. The application developed is Production-Ready.

Experienced developers can build enterprise-grade features on this foundation.

Built by and For Developers

ASP.NET Zero Power Tools

ASP.NET Zero Power Tools is a Visual Studio Extension that can automatically create an entity and its layers from the database to the user interface. So, you can create a fully working, production ready CRUD page in seconds.


  • Reduces your web application development time from months to weeks.

  • Provides full control over the source code to handle any kind of customization.

  • Does not lock you in as code runs in a Container like Docker.

  • Deploys easily on your choice of cloud or on-premises.

  • Boosts your development speed without compromising on quality and security of enterprise-grade applications.