Hire A Performance
Optimization Engineer

Performance Engineers design and develop computer software and applications using performance engineering strategies. They help improve system performance and reliability and also analyze performance issues and provide solutions for correction.

How does a Performance Optimization Engineer work?

  • Analyze and profile performance issues with Dynatrace.

  • Develops JMeter scripts to performance test web services and applications; monitors services during runs to identify areas for improvement.

  • Documents and tracks defects, using Azure DevOps or JIRA.

  • Provides technical assistance and advice

  • Involve in defining the performance scenarios base on the client provide QA use cases and inputs.

  • Involved in Requirement Gathering

  • Involved in Test plan preparation

  • Understands business Scenarios

  • performs Selection of the testing Tools

  • Records and customizes the Scripts

  • Does Scenario designing for Load Tests

  • Executes and analyzes the scripts

  • Analyzes and prepares Results

  • Monitors the Metrics and identifies the bottlenecks

  • Create the test data required for the load, stress, and endurance before executing the tests.

  • Participate in application technical design process, involve in QA environment setup and application build process.