Hire A Distinguished
Angular Engineer

Our distinguished Angular Engineer is actively involved throughout the project lifecycle, involved in building rapid prototypes early in the design phase. It helps you build high-fidelity prototypes by writing clean, production-ready code that will be integrated with the backend/APIs. Working alongside our other front-end web developers who specialize in markup and styling.

How does our Angular Engineer work?

  • Builds beautiful and interactive user interface using HTML / CSS

  • Uses frontend tools like Bootstrap, SASS & LESS, Gulp etc.

  • Converts Low or High-fidelity wireframes into web pages using HTML/CSS

  • Creates custom Theme and implements brand identity

  • Uses Angular and TypeScript to implement the frontend functionality

  • Creates reusable components and services to make the frontend maintainable

  • Connects to backend API and binds the data to the frontend elements

  • Employs linting to solve frontend programming errors

  • Unit tests his functionality using testing tools like Playwright, Jasmine, Karma, Chrome developer tools etc.

  • Designs and tests the application for responsiveness and ensures browser compatibility

  • Uses Web prefixes, Pre-processors, and Templates to achieve consistencies across different browsers

  • Allocates 20 hours for learning in each quarter

  • Works with modern DevOps tools like Azure DevOps and GIT for source control

  • Create Dashboards using charting tools like AM Charts, Chart JS, D3JS

  • Works with UI frameworks like DevExpress, Syncfusion and Kendo UI