Requirement Analysis

Hire Tech Team employs a multi-faceted approach to gathering requirements for product development. We conduct a variety of iterations in the Discovery and Design phases aimed at requirements, technical feasibility, Wireframing and design prototype and setting up the development and deployment infrastructure.



  • Requirement gathering from stakeholders and product owners.
  • Conducting brainstorming sessions with business team
  • Analyse existing environment and toolchain. Provide recommendations on technology stack and integrations.
  • Create mind map, User journeys and Information architecture
  • Create Features list and User stories in Azure DevOps
  • Discuss data migration options if necessary
  • Conduct POC for validating any technical issues, use cases and integrtions
  • Documentation of tasks sequescing, client workflows, pain points and inreractions with users.
  • Scope Finalization


  • Define branding guidlines, Styleguides, product based design system.
  • Creating low fidelity wireframes
  • Prototyping for testing user flow before development. Iterate based on feedback
  • Creating final Mock-up screens

Work Organization and Sprint Planning

We use Azure DevOps and SDLC management tools of your choice like JIRA, Confluence etc. to document and organize the requirements, create product backlog's and work breakdown structure. Backlog consists of Epics/Features/User Stories and Tasks for the finalized scope. Once the backlog is completed, we create two week long Sprints for execution based on priority items and business goals.

Testing and acceptance criteria definition

Test cases are written to check whether each deliverable meets the users' requirements. Manual test cases define steps testers perform, including those shared across test cases.

  • Writing Test cases and Test Plans and getting approval from client

  • Acceptance criteria definition, reviews, and approval

DevOps Set up and Release management

Setup Development environment

Setting up the CI/CD pipeline and branching for the Development team

Setup staging and UAT environment

Deployment and release planning

Actual deployment and release of Sprints

Agile Requirements Gathering

Agile requirements gathering is a practice the teams often perform on the fly. Developers update requirements between iterations, lack of requirements could throw many business or technical processes into chaos, but Agile development thrives in an iterative approach. Agile trades certainty for adaptability.

Agile Requirements gathering