Migration From

Migration from your current application to micro-services based architecture is primarily undertaken for modernization.

  • Migrate your existing ASP.NET Zero / ASP.NET Core Web application ABP Commercial application or Micro-services based application.

  • ABP.IO offers a micro-service-compatible, strict module architecture where your existing module is split into multiple layers/projects and developed on its own completely isolated and independent from other modules.

  • Our objective for migration is to ensure that each step of migration represents an atomic improvement to the overall architecture.

  • Undertake necessary planning what modules should be decoupled and how to migrate incrementally to a micro-services based architecture.

  • Efficient step by step, layer by layer migration.

  • Enhanced and modernized persona-based user flows

  • The migration can be done feature by feature, in order to avoid a large-scale migration event and its associated risks , especially if the existing application is in production.

  • Avoid “Big Bang” rewrite, instead, incrementally refactor your monolithic application.

  • ASP.NET Zero provides an upgradable repository structure and branching strategy that creates a repeatable workflow for upversioning of the application whenever a new version is released. The DevOps team can setup this branching structure once and automate the task of upversioning with minimal manual coding.

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