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Product Engineering / Upversioning and Code Migration

code upversioning

Need For Upversioning And Code Migration

  • You can hire a team for various code migration scenarios. WAi Technologies customizes Up versioning and Code Migration for you.
  • While migrating existing applications, our expert team modernizes the Application UI and recommends a suitable framework like ASP.NET Zero.
  • Our team can be hired for adding new features, modernizing UI and enhancements. We work on Time and Material basis to provide you a range of services that take care of your requirements.

Migration Scenarios

  • Migrate your existing .NET / ASP.NET / .NET legacy application code to ASP.NET Zero or ABP.IO Framework
  • Upgrade your existing ASP.NET Zero application with jQuery, Angular to newer version of ASP.NET Zero or ABP.IO
  • Upgrade from ASP.NET ZERO with ASP.NET MVC and jQuery to Angular and .NET core or ABP.IO MVC and jQuery to Angular
  • Upgrade from ASP.NET Zero with AngularJS 1.x to ASP.NET ZERO Angular 11
  • Upgrade from ASP.NET ZERO monolithic application to ABP.IO since ABP.IO offers a microservice-compatible, modular architecture where existing module is split into multiple layers/projects and developed on its own, completely isolated and independent from other modules
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