Develop a POC using ANZ

Your POC might arise out of the
following needs:

  • Repurpose existing and preferred tools and technologies that you have already invested in.
  • Check out feasibility of latest tools that you want to integrate
  • You are modernizing the application and want to establish feasibility
  • You want to test out Hire Tech Team capabilities to accomplish a specific requirement and then proceed with ASP.NET Zero or ABP Commercial.
  • POC can be used to define your strategy and starting point for application development.
Poc services

POC Service

A POC using ASP.NET Zero or ABP Commercial will typically represent a pilot-scale visualization using the built-in features of the framework to verify the real application of an idea and its technical feasibility specific to their business requirements and to collect feedback from users.
Also, the POC can test out integrations with external systems or API that would be part of the final product. POCs enable decision-makers to explore the potential of an idea and give them a glimpse of the bigger picture once their product is launched.
Hire Tech Team offers pricing packages for performing POC’s wherein customers can pay predefined costs for performing that POC.
Customers need not buy licenses as they can get the POC done from Hire Tech Team using our licenses.

Hire Tech Team has varied experience in integrating different Azure services into your
SaaS or Enterprise app such as:
Azure logo

Azure B2C

Logic apps image

Azure logic applications

Function Apps logo

Azure Functions

API Management Services Image

Azure API Management

Service Bus image

Azure Service Bus

Cognitive services image

Azure Cognitive Services

Azure Communications image class=

Azure Communications Services

Bot services image

Microsoft Bot Framework

Azure Domain Services image

Azure AD

Service Fabric clusters image

Azure Service Fabric

Network interfaces image


Kubernetes services image

Azure Kubernetes Service

Azure Cosmos image

Azure Cosmos DB

Sql Elastic pools

Azure SQL Elastic Pool

External Systems/API Integration

Angular cli
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TypeScript Image
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SignalR Image
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Docker Image
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Kubernetes Image
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Elastic DB Image
Elastic DB
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Onelogin Image
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Componentspace Image
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Storybook library Image
Storybook library
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Angular Image
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nodejs Image
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Metronic Theme Image
Metronic Theme
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Twitter Bootstrap Image
Twitter Bootstrap
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Ngx Bootstrap Image
Ngx Bootstrap
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primeng Image
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LocalForage Image
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Momentjs Image
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Momentjs Timezone Image
Moment.js Timezone
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Lodash Image
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Font Awesome Image
Font Awesome
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Famfamfam flags Image
Famfamfam flags
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Simple Line Icons Image
Simple Line Icons
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SweetAlert Image
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ngx-charts Image
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angular oauth2 oidc Image
angular oauth2 oidc
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angular2 Counto Image
angular2 Counto
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angular2 Text Mask Image
angular2 Text Mask
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animatecss Image
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Js cookie Image
Js cookie
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ng-recaptcha Image
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ng2 File Upload Image
ng2 File Upload
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ngx Image Cropper Image
ngx Image Cropper
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ngx Perfect Scrollbar Image
ngx Perfect Scrollbar
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Pushjs Image
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rtl-detect Image
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spinjs Image
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text-mask-addons Image
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ABP.IO Framework Image
ABP.IO Framework
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ABP.IO Commercial Image
ABP.IO Commercial
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ASP.NET Boilerplate Image
ASP.NET Boilerplate
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