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How does a Business Analyst work?

  • Identifies and documents customer business challenges and opportunities for product and analyzes them to make suggestions for building.
  • Conducts discussions with product and engineering teams to solve problems and identify opportunities for improvements
  • Designs and evaluates requirements
  • Works with modern SDLC tools like Azure DevOps Boards and JIRA or Confluence to create an Agile Product backlog
  • Does impact analysis and handles change requests to avoid scope creep
  • Classifies requirements into a hierarchy of an Epic/Feature/User story
  • Conceptualizes dashboards/reports based on business requirements
  • Proposes phase wise development for the roadmap and understands the ecosystems
  • Communicates the state of business, experiment results, etc. to product teams, and spreads best practices to analytics and product teams
  • Performs user acceptance testing