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How does a DevOps Engineer work?

  • He sets up the CI/CD pipelines and manages the Deployment of the Application
  • Configures the Release and deployment process and sets the policies of working with the CI/CD pipelines
  • Is responsible for the development, staging, and production environment administration.
  • Can troubleshoot issues in deployment and handle automated releases
  • Performs automation and maintenance in the Development, UAT and Production environment.
  • Is familiar with containerized deployments with Docker and Kubernetes
  • Plans, schedules, and manages releases
  • Infrastructure Provision by Terraform.
  • Sets up the Git branch strategy
  • Is familiar with Cloud Providers, Azure and aws.
  • Provides support for urgent analytic needs
  • Works on feedback and improves the process continuously
  • Uses configuration management software to automatically deploy updates and fixes into the production environment.
  • Is familiar and works with automation tools like Azure DevOps and Source code management tools like Git.