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How does a Performance Optimization Engineer work?

  • Analyze and profile performance issues with Dynatrace.
  • Develops JMeter scripts to performance test web services and applications; monitors services during runs to identify areas for improvement.
  • Documents and tracks defects, using Azure DevOps or JIRA.
  • Provides technical assistance and advice
  • Involve in defining the performance scenarios base on the client provide QA use cases and inputs.
  • Involved in Requirement Gathering
  • Involved in Test plan preparation
  • Understands business Scenarios
  • performs Selection of the testing Tools
  • Records and customizes the Scripts
  • Does Scenario designing for Load Tests
  • Executes and analyzes the scripts
  • Analyzes and prepares Results
  • Monitors the Metrics and identifies the bottlenecks
  • Create the test data required for the load, stress, and endurance before executing the tests.
  • Participate in application technical design process, involve in QA environment setup and application build process.