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ASP.NET Zero is a better way to develop
your application.

  • It is an open source, feature rich, base solution framework on the ASP.NET Core platform.
  • It is fast to get started with, and costs much less compared to traditional development.
  • ASP.NET Zero is used by hundreds of companies’ the world over, to build and accelerate SaaS and enterprise applications.
  • It comes with a modern UI and a SOLID architecture with built-in foundational modules necessary for your application.
  • ASP.NET Zero combined with Hire Tech Team's unique team model is so much better - it’s changing the way we develop software.
  • With a single meeting and simple billing, you can get started with Modern team services that starts bringing life to your product.
  • Modern team services include developers, QA and a UI Designer who work hand in hand to deliver a product that looks good and works great.
  • Hire Tech Team is a team of ASP.NET Zero experts available on demand. They’re experienced and skilled on the ASP.NET Zero platform.
  • When you hire them to build your product, it will be up and running for the market in a few weeks. This is unheard of with traditional software development cycles.
  • Hire Tech Team works in a well-coordinated style to achieve consistent results focusing on the quality of the deliverables.
  • It has built more than 80 SaaS and enterprise applications in the last 4 years in different domains such as Healthcare, Digital marketing, IoT, Utilities and Manufacturing.
  • Hire Tech Team is an official partner of ASP.NET Zero and Microsoft Gold partner for Application development.
  • Your engagement kicks off with a planning stage consisting of predefined steps. With constant communication and collaboration using advanced tools, every sprint goes through the validation process making your product better.

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