Cross Platform Application With Cutting Edge Technology to Manage And Protect Customer Wealth

A large Wealth Management company required a Wealth Management platform built to grow, manage and protect the wealth of its customers. This platform would have features for investment management, risk management, planning of estate, taxes and charities.

Wealth Challenges


  • The platform needed to be highly customizable, client-centric and specifically designed for wealth advisors
  • It required the facilitation of an efficient workflow to give a personalized, highly engaging user experience for advisors and high net worth clientele
  • The application should be scalable and new services can be integrated

Our Solution

  • Hire Tech Team developed the wealth management platform for the customer using the ASP.NET Zero framework.
  • We built this as a modern digital front-end application
  • The application was a highly customizable, client-centric solution keeping in mind its primary usage by wealth advisors
  • The use of cutting-edge technology was implemented to create a fast and light application, that worked on different devices, delivering expert advice
  • The solution provided graphical insights on demand
Wealth Solution


Created a cross-platform application to manage and protect customer wealth using cutting edge technology

Technology Stacks:

wealth Aspnetzero wealth sigle wealth amchart