Deep Framework Expertise

We have invested over 800K manhours of coding using industry leading frameworks to build many SaaS and enterprise applications successfully.

Our maturity comes from thorough understanding and implementation of the frameworks and its capabilities. We employ a product architecture that is based on Domain - Driven Design and SOLID principles which is both monolith and micro - services friendly. This empowers us to precisely take advantage of the modular structure and convention over configuration model. Our agile methodology combined with best practices and standards enables accelerated and automated product development. We follow the best practices and standards set by the frameworks in order to improve performance and maintainability of the code.


Modern DevOps Team Services

Our unique team model allows us to deliver the right expertise from a pool just when required to solve a problem. This provides acceleration for product development. Our development teams are enabled to deliver new software at speed and with quality by way of using the right toolchain, processes, and people. HTT DevOps teams can collaborate with customers technical team, follow their processes and can help put the right tools and automation for deployment and to automate and maintain your product platform on cloud.

Business Requirements Analysis

You can hire core expertise in the form of DevOps Engineer or a team of DevOps experts for automating your development practices, cloud environments, application security, performance optimisations and expert consultation on Azure, and cloud native applications.

DevOps Toolchain

We employ multiple tools as part of our DevOps practices for version control, testing and automating build and deployment processing including Azure DevOps, Jenkins, JIRA,Docker, Kubernetes, GitHub, Azure Kubernetes service etc.

DevOps Security - DevSecOps

DevSecOps is an expertise that combines DevOps operations and security. Our DevOps engineers are expert at ensuring that we meet the security principles and standards at all points in the CI/CD pipeline and if any issues arise, they are fixed immediately.

Performance Optimization

Our website performance optimization, combined with our 24/7 support services, will help make sure your digital platform performance is optimal. We can test load, response times, volume and scalability as well as stress and security flaws, working with you to achieve the best results.

CI/CD Pipelines for automatic Deployment

HTT DevOps team can work with you to understand your tools and define the best approach, which is optimized for your business, and to implement these tools to get the application deployed to production.

DevOps Automated Testing

We need continued testing at all points in the build and release pipeline. Our DevOps team integrates automated testing in the DevOps processes to reduce risk and deploy in a reliable manner.

Devops With Azure

Our Azure expert team can help you to get the most from Azure DevOps and deploy applications on the Microsoft Azure platform. They are experienced at planning containerized deployments using Docker and Azure Kubernetes Service and other Azure services that help with deploying applications and monitoring the Azure resources and workloads.

devops with Azure

Component - Driven Development For Micro Frontends

Components are reusable, interchangeable building blocks of User interface elements. They encapsulate functionality and appearance of a user interface unit. With components, you build one single element at a time and then assemble these to form a larger reusable component.

Breaking down the UI in a modular way to create components makes it easy to build robust yet flexible User interfaces. Components enable reusability by isolating the state from application business logic. The component driven development approach allows you to decompose complex UI screens into simple components. Each component is associated with a separate API and bound with mock data. This allows components to be taken apart and recomposed to build different UIs.

This approach can be compared with micro-services and micro-frontends architecture. Instead of building singular large "pieces" of UI and services, you create smaller, more reusable components and then assemble these to create larger components.

Component - Driven

Modern Devops Team Workbench

Workbench provides the customers a platform for end-to-end product development using the right toolchain that revolves around people and processes. This provides acceleration for product development.