Touching Lives Through Better Health Data Management

A large company gives security through insurance and wealth management products and services. The platform engages consumers in the sharing of health data, and enables carriers to use digital records, if available, to streamline underwriting, and improve consumer satisfaction and accomplish competitive differentiation in the marketplace. Hire Tech Team developed this as a SaaS platform for the customer using ASP.NET Core.

helth data challenge


  • Fitness and healthcare data needed to be collected from users through different wearable devices like Fitbit, Apple Watch, and other devices
  • Build Analytics and dashboards from this data for bringing out business insights
  • Company envisioned a consolidated platform for administration, monitoring and analytics from the wearables data.

Our Solution

  • Hire Tech Team developed a SaaS platform for the customer using the ASP.NET Core platform.
  • The application was multi-tenant and provided data analytics, dashboards, and administration features.
  • We integrated with Human API for this enterprise health data platform.
health data solution


Client could launch the application within a period of three months due to accelerated and automated development.

Technology Stacks:

Aspnetzero health data Angular health data Yodlee health data Human API health data